Кто-то хочет быть любимым, кто-то хочет полюбить, ну а я пойду на кухню, чтоб похавать замутить


Happy Birthday to the lovely Ale! I hope you have a wonderful day, and here’s a little something for you sweetie, ily <3

Hermione first sees Draco again after the war, three weeks later at the Ministry. She doesn’t get to talk to him, but he looks better, doesn’t look as thin and the dark circles under his eyes aren’t as bad, aren’t as haunted as they were at the Manor and Hogwarts.

The second time she see’s him, it’s in Flourish and Blotts. Draco stares and stares from the other side of the bookshelf for what seems like hours and Hermione wants to scream and run to him but her feet are routed to the ground and when she can finally move he’s already half way out of the shop muttering quietly to himself and turning to apparate. It’s not until later that she realises what he was saying, repeating “I’m sorry.” over and over.

The last (and the new beginning) time she see’s him, it’s on the Hogwarts express. He’s sitting in a compartment by himself, squeezed as small as he can up to the window and his cloak is wrapped around him, tucked under his chin. Hermione can’t resist, doesn’t stop herself, finds herself knocking on the compartment door and opening it anyway. She stares for awhile, taking everything in, the way he’s lifted his head and how his eyes are wary but hopeful, she tries to smile and it seems to come out as one instead of a grimace. Draco’s sitting up and awkwardly patting the space next him, and then Hermione’s sitting, both of them staring at the opposite wall when their hands tangle together, bony fingers locking and twisting.


“Hermione.” They’re both silent and it’s kind of tense but then she has to, doesn’t want this to be it-

“I think, I think we should try again.”

Draco doesn’t say anything, but his fingers squeeze a little harder, and there’s a small quirk at his lips, and Hermione thinks that yeah, it won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it, worth it for a thousand smiles and more.


I am your mother, and mother knows best.